Morad Antenna

Morad Antenna

1610 Style Single Frequency Antenna - SF CUSTOM 10 ft.


SF-CUSTOM 10 - Marine Antenna
SF-CUSTOM 10 - Marine Antenna Custom 1610 Style Single Freq. Antenna (1100 kHz to 10Mhz) - Marine Antenna

Custom built 10 ft. x 1 inch diameter base tube. Specify your frequency between 1100 KHz -10 MHz 100 Watt. Specific frequency must be specified on order.

Requires oversize shipping. Please call (206) 789-2525, for details.

Morad Antennas:

  1. Made entirely in the USA.
  2. Hand built with modern tooling.
  3. Product is tested to work before shipment.
  4. Dependable, rugged, and technically superior to other antennas on the market.
  5. Our products are trusted on military, law enforcement, commercial and leisure vessels around the world.