Morad Antenna

Morad Antenna

Morad Antenna Company - Our Story

Morad antenna shop making marine antennas. UHF antenna, VHF antenna, CB antenna, boat antenna.

Morad antennas are manufactured in our Bellingham, Washington facility (made entirely in the USA) by a small local team carefully crafting each product using modern tooling and testing equipment. We have built our reputation for manufacturing dependable, rugged, and technically superior marine antennas by combining a hand-built manufacturing environment with individually tested products. These outstanding qualities have made Morad marine antennas an industry standard around the world.

Morad marine antennas have a solid reputation for exceptional durability in performance. Our products are utilized on military, law enforcement, commercial and leisure vessels all around the world, including Antarctic explorations and US DOT teams working with African nations to combat regional pirates.

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