Morad Antenna

Morad Antenna

VHF antennas

Morad VHF antennas are sold exclusive of mount and coax cable. Our VHF-HD antennas require adapters to fit standard 1" x 14 female thread mounts. See Tips under each antenna to provide information on mounting our antennas.

Morad VHF antennas are the standard in rugged commercial applications. Built with stainless steel and anodized aluminum alloys to surpass even military specifications, Morad antennas have life spans of 10-15 years and more in service. Morad's Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) of 1.15 to 1, is superior to the industry standard of 1.5 to 1.

How tough are they? After two years submerged off the Oregon coast, one of our HD antennas was returned to us for testing - and it still worked!


VHF Antennas HD model

VHF/UHF HD Antennas - 6db Gain

These antennae are ideal for powerboats offering an approximately 80-mile radius. Bandwidth range = approximately 10MHz total (example: VHF 159 bandwidth about 154-163). For ratchet mounting use the M91 adapter. For ratchet mount & stanchion (1" pipe) use our M87 adapter. More information under Mounts & Adapters

VHF Antennas Deluxe style

VHF/UHF Deluxe style Antennas - 3db Gain

These small but durable antenna are designed for masthead mounting on sailboats and high-speed power boats where small size and low weight are important considerations. These antennas provide approximately a 40-mile radius. Mounts & cable sold separately. Popular masthead mounting uses and M84 angle bracket with M81 pad mount. Deck mounting recommendation is our M83 pad mount with screw holes to secure to flat surfaces. More info under Mounts & Adapters

VHF Antennas

VHF 10db model Antennas "Big Talker"

These models have six full-length 1/2 wave sections fed in phase with no dielectric loss. Our 10db antennas are designed for optimum performance under severe weather and vibration conditions. All external radiating surfaces are anodized aluminum or stainless steel. All anodized aluminum sections are then painted with a white high gloss powder coat. The fiberglass sections are painted with high gloss "Mil Spec" white paint. The Model VHF 10db is base fed through a PL-259 UHF connector and 50-ohms coaxial cable. It has an O-ring seal to protect the coaxial line from moisture.

These 10db antenna have a horizontal radiation pattern which extends approximately 150 miles - ideal for vessels 45' or greater in length. Mounts & cable sold separately. Mount options include M9 bulkhead, M900-10db bulkhead lay down mounts, see Mounts section. Replacement tips available, see Accessories section.

All of our 10db antennas are offered in 1-piece, 2- piece, and 4-piece versions.  Only the 4-piece version is available online and shippable using UPS or USPS.  Our 1 and 2-piece versions require special shipping. If you wish to order a 1 or 2-piece version, please call us directly.  Rest assured, the 4-piece version is identical to the 1 and 2-piece versions, but you make the field joints yourself rather than us making them in the shop.  We provide clear and simple to follow instructions along with materials required to make the 3 field joints, which takes about 10-15 minutes.