Morad Antenna

Morad Antenna

CB Antenna 1700 (2 PIECE) - 11 ft. coax


CB Antenna 1700 (2 PIECE) - 11 ft. coax

17-foot (2-Piece) CB antenna with 11ft. of coaxial cable.  Easy field assembly with a machined aluminum internal coupler makes this 17 foot antenna inexpensive to ship.  AVAILABLE ONLY IN GOLD ANODIZE FINISH.

11 ft. of coax (RG58) is standard on this antenna.  Additional lengths must be added in increments of 11 ft., so we offer it with 22' or 33' options.

Recommended mount: M6 or M600

Our popular CB1700 is now available with a 2-piece shaft, allowing either UPS Ground or USPS Mail shipping!

Morad CB Antennas:

  1. Made entirely in the USA.
  2. Hand built with modern tooling.
  3. Product is tested to work before shipment.
  4. Dependable, rugged, and technically superior to other antennas on the market.
  5. Our products are trusted on military, law enforcement, commercial and leisure vessels around the world.